Dear Friends,

The West Orange Mikvah continues to provide a comfortable and private space for users to fulfill the Mitzvah of immersion. We are dedicated to maintaining the institution as a critical cornerstone of the community. As we begin a new membership year, we would like to thank our 2018 members for enabling the West Orange Mikvah to continue to grow and thrive. We hope that you join us in taking pride in the Mikvah’s successes, some of which include:

  • Updating the functions of the building including the boiler, electric and thermostats
  • Upgrading the quality of our supplies
  • Installing an updated security system
  • Managing conversions for more individuals
  • Broadening our user base and membership base
  • Improving our website and publicizing our hours on social media
  • Accepting credit card payments

We encourage every household in West Orange--whether or not any of its family members are Mikvah users--to support the Mikvah of West Orange so that we can continue to serve women and men in our community. Please ensure that the future rests on solid financial footing. Note that shul membership does not include Mikvah dues.

The West Orange Mikvah is pleased to offer one year of free membership to all new West Orange community members.

Membership will apply through December 31, 2019.

Though donations of any amount are welcome, the following levels provide membership benefits as follows:

$100 Be'er Annual Membership
for individual woman (co-payment of $10 at regular visit)

$220 Ma'ayan Annual Membership - Women's
for individual woman (no co-payment required)
$220 Ma'ayan Annual Membership - Men's
for individual man (no co-payment required)

$500 Yam Family Annual Membership
(no co-payment required)


Generous donors have also supported the Mikvah, and increased access for women in the community, by sponsoring one month of free usage or by sponsoring Mikvah supplies. If you are interested in participating in this program, please email

Thank you for your continued support.


Rivka Hindin, President

Chaim Silverman, Treasurer