2021 Mikvah Slate

Dear Friends,

As we all grapple to deal with this global pandemic, we are continually looking for ways to ensure a safe & healthy Mikvah experience for all of our users

Please review the following safety policies that are currently in place:
  1. All mikvah visits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 973.731.1427 to schedule
  2. All users are asked to pay PRIOR to visiting the mikvah (see links below)
  3. All users are asked to take their temperature at home before coming to the mikvah. Users are asked to exercise good judgement and not visit the mikvah if feeling even remotely sick
  4. All users are asked to come to the mikvah wearing a face mask
  5. ALL preparation should be done at home. No baths or showers should be taken at the Mikvah. Women are requested to enter, wash hands promptly, and immerse
  6. Regular use by men is not permitted at this time
  7. The mikvah water is filtered on a daily basis. Mikvahs are emptied, cleaned and refilled multiple times per month. To the extent possible, use of each mikvah pool will be alternated between users.
  8. We are increasing the number of times that each mikvah room will be deep-cleaned by a professional. In addition, the attendant will disinfect rooms between users
  9. The mikvah attendant will wear a mask and maintain social distancing protocols while attending to users

These policies were instituted with Rabbinic guidance.
There is no known indication that the COVID-19 virus spreads through water. We will continue to update policies based on current rabbinic & health guidelines.
Please email Rivka Hindin with any questions.

We encourage every household in West Orange--whether or not any of its family members are Mikvah users--to support the Mikvah of West Orange so that we can continue to serve women and men in our community. Please ensure that the future rests on solid financial footing. Note that shul membership does not include Mikvah dues.

The West Orange Mikvah is pleased to offer one year of free membership to all new West Orange community members.

Membership will apply through December 31, 2021.

Though donations of any amount are welcome, the following levels provide membership benefits as follows:

$100 Be'er Annual Membership
for individual woman (co-payment of $10 at regular visit)

$220 Ma'ayan Annual Membership - Women's
for individual woman (no co-payment required)

$500 Yam Family Annual Membership
(no co-payment required)


Regular Visit Fee (Members - $10)
Regular Visit Fee (Non-Members - $20)
Late Appointment Fee ($15)

Generous donors have also supported the Mikvah, and increased access for women in the community, by sponsoring one month of free usage or by sponsoring Mikvah supplies. If you are interested in participating in this program, please email sponsorship@westorangemikvah.org.

Thank you for your continued support.


Nina Horowitz & Sara Braverman, President

Chaim Silverman, Treasurer