Men's Yom Kippur Appointments

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you safe and healthy, as we enter the Yamim Noraim.

The Mikvah team has been diligently working to ensure the safety of all our users. This has been no easy task to make sure the Mikvah stays safe, clean, and ensures the participants have the best experience.

This year, as you know, we also are beginning the new year with a new Mikvah attendant.

As the previous Mikvah attendant departed, the apartment upstairs was updated with new appliances, re-painted, floors re-stained, plus added a new washing machine and dryer.

Plus, the Mikvah itself embarked upon some capital improvements to update the building to ensure the safety of all our users during COVID.

This year, we spent more than usual on upgrading the total Mikvah infrastructure.

We are now coming to you, at this time of year, to ask you to consider a gift to the Mikvah to recover some of those large expenses from this past year. The Mikvah has hardly ever had a fundraising campaign, but this year’s expenses were extraordinary.

Please consider giving towards our Rosh Hashanah Campaign.

Rosh Hashanah Campaign

$1000  Rosh Hashanah Campaign Donation

$540  Rosh Hashanah Campaign Donation

$360  Rosh Hashanah Campaign Donation

$180  Rosh Hashanah Campaign Donation

$100  Rosh Hashanah Campaign Donation

Generous donors have also supported the Mikvah, and increased access for women in the community, by sponsoring one month of free usage or by sponsoring Mikvah supplies. If you are interested in participating in this program, please email

Thank you for your continued support.


Nina Horowitz & Sara Braverman, President

Chaim Silverman, Treasurer