2023 Mikvah Slate

Dear Members of the West Orange Jewish Community,

Please read on for the top five reasons to contribute to the West Orange Mikvah during our annual 2023 fundraising campaign:

  1. The mikvah is an independent entity and is not affiliated with any Shuls in town. As such, your synagogue dues do not include a mikvah contribution.

  2. Monthly costs include the maintenance of two kosher mikvaot, snow removal from the parking lot, fixing the building’s exterior, keeping an industrial boiler and 2 washers/dryers in ship-shape, beautifying public spaces, and more; the semiweekly cleaning of the facility; t'vilah preparation and mikvah cleaning supplies; heating and electricity bills; and routine repairs/updates to the home of our Mikvah attendant. Phew! That's quite a lot of bills to cover...

  3. Although there are other mikvaot within driving distance, the West Orange Mikvah is the only mikvah that serves local women on Shabbat and chagim.

  4. Men have access to their own mikvah pool during daytime hours, and we invite all men from the community to use the mikvah before the High Holidays.

  5. Every observant community should have a mikvah as the mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacha is a cornerstone of the Jewish family! Even if you are not a mikvah user at this time, we ask you take part in our fundraising campaign to support an institution that serves the Jewish community as a whole!

Please partner with us to sustain the West Orange Mikvah by making an annual gift today. Although donations of any amount are welcome, we encourage contributions at the following levels:

2023 Fundraising Campaign

$1800  Platinum Donor's Circle
(includes family membership)

$1000  Silver Donor's Circle
(includes family membership)

$500  Donor's Circle
(includes family membership)

$180  Individual Membership

Annual gifts apply through December 31, 2023. If you wish to pay by check, please make it payable to "Essex County Ritualarium" and mail to: c/o Silverman, 27 Greenwood Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052.

Lastly, we aim to eliminate payments for West Orange-based women at their regular visits in order to make our Mikvah accessible and affordable for all. To this end, we are looking for sponsors for each month of the Hebrew calendar to help defray costs. To find out more about dedication opportunities in honor or in memory of loved ones, please reach out to sponsorship@westorangemikvah.org.

May the West Orange community continue to go from strength to strength with your support towards this important fundraising initiative!


Nina Taub Horowitz
Sara Braverman, co-presidents
Chaim Silverman, Treasurer